Activities of the Lunar Reclamation Society (NSS-Milwaukee) - 2001


In 2001, LRS met on the 2nd Saturday afternoon every month except July (when we went on a field trip - see below) and August.

We continued our unbroken monthly publication of Moon Miners' Manifesto, completing our 15th year of uninterrupted service. MMM serves several other NSS chapters and the Moon Society. -- Peter Kokh, LRS Pres.,, 414-342-0705


January 2001

• We gain a backup computer: thanks to the MMM editor's roommate, Duane, we now have a second Mac, a used PowerMac 6100 (our main computer is a PowerMac 6500). Duane is suffering through the final stages of AIDS and we thank him for his thoughtfulness and courage (passed away March 17, 2001.)


April 2001

• Peter Kokh aids Dennis Love (Chicago) man table at Aviation Career Day event at General Mitchell International Airport, April 26-27. Peter reserves a table for us to be shared with the Wisconsin Mars Society at the 2002 Event with the theme: "We can fly on Mars."


May 2001

• MMM Ed. Peter Kokh & Ken Paul explore production of future copies of MMM as PDF files


June 2001

• MMM produces test pdf edition for the June issue. (PDF versions produced regularly starting with the January 2002 issue, and available only by Moon Society member password on the Moon Society website.)

• We now post LRS current news online: You can keep up with the latest on our Meetings Page, above.

• We received our first web award: A White Paper on Steps to Civilian Lunar Home Rule (serialized in MMM) got an award from for content.

• We helped an amateur radio astronomy effort: Dave Dunlop and Peter Kokh helped disassemble six satellite dishes from Time Warner's downtown farm (no longer needed) hopefully to be re-outfitted for radio astronomy research. See our NEWS PAGE above. (Ultimately, this valiant effort collapsed due to failure of partners in Grand Rapids.)


July 2001

• Our July 28th Field Trip to Argonne National Lab: Five of us were able to make the trip to this enormous 1,700 acre facility outside of Chicago: Gene and Charlotte Dupree, Carol Nelson, Peter Kokh, and Robert Bialecki. We had not been able to finalize the trip or itinerary until the last minute (due entirely to slow response by the staff at the Argonne Visitors Center) and that worked to lower participation.

Nonetheless, we had an excellent guided VIP tour that lasted almost 3 hours. Three facilities were featured (text from Argonne): The Argonne Tandem Linear Accelerator System (ATLAS); the Superconductivity Lab; and the Advanced Photon Source (APS)


November 2001

• Peter Kokh interviewed on BBC Radio 5 Live: We just happened to be walking in the back door on Thanksgiving Day as the phone rang. Jamilla Knowles of the BBC Radio interviewed for several minutes Peter on "Moon Mining" and the Artemis Society's Commercial Moonbase project, "live on BBC, London."


December 2001

• Publication of issue #151 of Moon Miners' Manifesto - 15th Anniversary Issue

• 15 people make 15th Anniversary Holiday Party one of best ever: Four members of the Wisconsin Mars Society (plus two of our members in common) swelled our ranks. One of them had run into Mary Dixon (widow of Bob Bramscherr who died in August 2001) and as a result she and son Carl came too! We had brought along our portable Earthrise Moon Mural to use as a photo op background - LRS VP and Media Chair Bob Bialecki had arranged for a photographer from Milwaukee Lifestyles magazine to be present. The pot-luck fare was great and we all enjoyed the film "The Dish." about the role of the Radio Telescope in Australia during Apollo 11.

Submitted 02/09/2002 by Peter Kokh