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A Publication of The Lunar Reclamation Society, December 1986 to current
The Newsletter of
The Artemis Society & The Moon Society, November 1995 to current
The Lunar Reclamation Society

Editor since Issue #1 Peter Kokh
Hardcopy submission address:
"MMM", 1630 N. 32nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208-2040

About Moon Miners' Manifesto

MMM is a two decades old tradition that began with issue #1 in December, 1986 as the newsletter of Milwaukee Lunar Reclamation Society L5 (prior to the merger of the former L5 Society and the former National Space Institute.)

Read "M" is for "Mole" - The wellspring of inspiration that continues to fuel MMM articles comes from a personal experience that is described in issue #1

MMM is published ten times a year (except January and July)
MMM's December 2008 issue, #221, marks our 22nd anniversary.
MMM now serves several other participating NSS chapters across the country, as well as the Moon Society, since issue # 90 in November 1995
Circulation is international.
The editor from the beginning has been Peter Kokh [9/2003 photo]

Content & Themes:

Most issues deal with the opening of the Lunar frontier, suggesting how pioneers can make best use of local resources and learn to make themselves at home. Some of the points made will relate specifically to pioneer life in the lunar environment.
But much of what will hold for the Moon, will also hold true for Mars and for space in general. We have one Mars theme issue each year, and occasionally other space destinations are discussed: the asteroids, Europa (Jupiter), Titan (Saturn), even the cloud tops of Venus.

The Moon Society Journal:

The four page centerfold section of each issue of Moon Miners' Manifesto is reserved for the use of the Moon Society. LRS member are free to belong or not to belong to the Moon Society. Local (Milwaukee/SE Wisconsin) members of the Moon Society operate as:
Moon Society Milwaukee Outpost

Submissions to MMM:
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mailed to
MMM, c/o Peter Kokh
1630 N. 32nd Street, Milwaukee, WI 53208
Copyrights of individual articles remain with the author. Permission to republish is granted to NSS chapters in good standing. Permission is otherwise granted upon request, with the receipt of courtesy copy.
Submission deadline for the following month is the 20th of each month for expected items, and the 15th of each month for unexpected contributions.

The MMM Production Team

Subscription/Mailing Database/ Circulation Contact:
Bob Bialecki
Printing, collating, folding, stapling, trimming, mailing
Creative Technology of Sarasota

Back Copies

We have limited hard copies of some back issues.

We have begun a new publishing venture, in pdf format only -- republishing the classic and non-time-sensitive articles from the earlier years.
December 1986 to November 2004. Volumes 1-18 are now online. Each January another issue of the Classics will be published, keeping 3 plus years behind the current issue, to encourage subscriptions

Subscriptions to MMM can be

A membership benefit in the Moon Society or in the participating NSS chapters, according to their respective dues. These groups are given discounted rates, and other NSS chapters as well as non-NSS societies with a compatible focus are welcome to share our newsletter. Address all  inquiries to the editor.

Direct individual subscriptions: $12 annually

Payable to 
"Lunar Reclamation Society"
P.O. Box 2102
Milwaukee, WI 53201-2102

Subscriptions to PDF electronic copies of MMM

We began producing pdf versions of Moon Miners' Manifesto with the May 2001 Moon Miners' REVIEW issue.

They are only available to Moon Society members on a special password accessed web page

If you are a member of another chapter, or of a non-NSS organization with a compatible focus, and would like to receive MMM as a membership benefit, have your officers contact us.

MMM Family of National Space Society Chapters:

MMM is a membership benefit for members of the Moon Society, as well as for members of the following participating chapters of the National Space Society:

Other Proposed MMM Archiving Projects

MMM GLOSSARY: Definitions of old words given special meaning in MMM and of some new words, coined by MMM where no existing word would do.

MMM ONLINE SUBJECT INDEX: based on a specific list of keyword-Metatags

Papers online that combine MMM articles by specific topic and which will give you a good taste and feel for what MMM is all about.

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