LRS will supply speakers for various events in the Greater Milwaukee area. Gratuities are not expected, but donations to help further our outreach activities are welcome.

LRS Speakers and the things they like to talk about

Peter Kokh (414) 342-0705 [bio]

  • Editor of Moon Miners' Manifesto since 1986
  • Co-founder and current President of the Lunar Reclamation Society, Inc.
  • Past Board member of the National Space Society
  • Prepared Talks
    • Common Myths about the Moon
    • Clean Energy from the Moon to wipe out poverty and save our environment
    • Beyond the Hubble Space Telescope: advantages of observatories on the Moon
    • The Moon: From Outposts to Settlements
    • Living of the Moon: Resourcefulness is the Key to Lunar Settlement
    • Home, home on the Moon: underground for safety, but with the Sun and the views - and without Spacesuits
    • Expanding a Lunar Outpost with made-on-Luna additions
    • The "Magnificent Desolation" - outdoors on the Moon
    • Living with the Moon's month-long day
    • Beyond Biosphere II: establishing mini-biospheres on the Moon and Mars. Living downwind and downstream from themselves, pioneers don't dare pollute
    • The Xity: beyond Earth's atmosphere, Cities will be radically different institutions
    • "Regolith Impressionism": Paints Lunar Settlers can make from moondust
    • Towards a distinctive Lunar Culture: customs, calendar, holidays, arts, sports, etc.
    • The Commercial route to Opening up the Moon
    • Social lessons for Earth that may come out of the Lunar frontier experience
    • Breaking out of "Cradle Earth", viable exclaves of humanity and Earth-life
    • Toward an Earth-Moon Economy: diversification of lunar industry
    • Prinzton: a design study for a 3,000 person Lunar Settlement
    • The Moon's Hidden Valleys: lavatube shangrilas
    • Amateur Astronomy from the Moon and Elsewhere
    • Moon versus Mars: what should be our priorities and synergies?
    • The Exploration of Mars: let's not go until we are ready to do it right!
    • The Colonization of Mars: making a second home for man on the red planet
    • Towards a distinctive Martian Culture: calendar, holidays, arts & crafts, sports, etc.
    • Mars' More Earthlike past: where did all the water go?
    • Red Mars-Green Mars-Blue Mars: "terraforming" Mars vs. "rejuvenating" it
    • Earth-Moon-Mars Triangle of Trade: making the economics work
    • Pioneering on Mars: Yolk Sac Mentality & Resourcefulness are the Keys to Mars Settlement
    • Home sweet home on Mars: underground for safety, but with the Sun and the views
    • Mars' Hidden Valleys: lavatube shangrilas
    • Expanding a Martian Outpost with made-on-Mars additions
    • Life on Mars with and without Spacesuits
    • Tourism to Mars, direct and via Venus, Cycling Mars-run ships
    • Island Cities in Space: the Vision of Gerard O'Neill
    • Resources from the Asteroids and Dormant Comets
    • Europa: the water moon of Jupiter: the mysteries of its ice-covered ocean
    • Titan: mysterious giant moon of Saturn
    • Commercial Space Opportunities, on Earth and out there, now and coming up
    • Tourism in Space I: suborbital hops; orbital hotels; loop-the-Moon excursions
    • Tourism in Space II: on the Moon, to Mars, the rings of Saturn
    • U-LuCy: The University of Luna in Cyberspace
    • The Economic Geography of the Solar System
    • Will Humans Ever Reach the Stars?
    • Could Earth have been visited by other intelligent races?
    • Slide Presentation: Artist Chesley Bonestal's Solar System


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