Current Active Projects
  • Publishing and ever improving our monthly newsletter, Moon Miners' Manifesto which also serves several NSS Chapters, The Moon Society, and individual subscribers worldwide
  • Optimizing Moon Miners' Manifesto / Moon Society Journal for Moon Society members
  • Archiving Moon Miners' Manifesto in the MMM Classics Project - currently all the non-time-sensitive material from the first 15 years are now archived in this way in 15 PDF files, one per issue year. The plan is to add two more years in July 2007, then every January add one more year. This plan will exclude the three most current years. The MMM Classics files are freely downloadable by anyone.
  • Update 04/12/2007 LRS member from Green Bay, David Dunlop (now Moon Society Driector of Project Development), and LRS President Peter Kokh (now also President of the Moon Society) have been working on a major project to oranize and encourage critical research by students and private enterprise of immature or undeveloped technologies not being advanced by NASA for whatever reasons. "The Univeristy of Luna Project" it is on the verge of becoming a reality, headed for an ISDC 2007 debut in Dallas, Memorial Day Weeked, 2007. This will be a non-profit corporation with its own set of officers and directors, abd seeking many sponsor partners.
  • Providing speakers on space topics for schools and group meetings
  • Conducting space topic brainstorming Mission ControlWorkshops
  • Seeking opportunities for our information tables & space displays
  • Support for Oregon L5's "Lunar Lavatube Locator" project
  • Additions to our "Lunar Homestead Exhibit", a traveling collection of exhibits illustrating early pioneer life
  • Expanding our presence on the Web
  • Making our newsletter, MMM, available as a PDF file to members of the Moon Society
  • Hosting a "Space Chapters Resources Hub" on the web.
  • More Lunar-Appropriate Art Media Projects

Projects on the drawing boards

  • An Online Subject Index for back issues of Moon Miners' Manifesto
  • A Glossary of "MMM-speak" for Moon Miners' Manifesto
  • An "Economic Geography of the Solar System" textbook binder
  • Publishing other products (an Earth Flag, a Lunar Calendar, space frontier wall murals, Moon/Mars Base model kits, etc.)
  • Venture Capital Fund for "Spin Up" entrepreneurial startup assistance


Currently Inactive Projects

  • Science Programming at Milwaukee's Fall "First Contact" Science Fiction Convention, of which we were one of two co-founding organizations in 1994. First Contact VI in 1999 was the end of the Road, ceasing operations because of declining membership. We fielded exhibits at JVL-Con in Janesville Holloween weekend, 1999.
  • Copernicus Construction Company, our informal brainstorming "Define & Design" activity group - has been inactive because of too few participants to make a critical mass
  • Support for Wisconsin Space Business Roundtable [currently inactive]
  • Participation in the "Rockets for Schools" spring suborbital launch event in Sheboygan. This great event was cancelled for 2000, but was revived "under new management" for 2001. However, partly because the event is usually scheduled for the day of our chapter meeting, partly because of transportation issues, we have not been participating in recent years.

Completed Projects


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