Mission Control™ Workshops Conducted 1993-2000
  • ISDC '93 Huntsville - Asteroid Base Workshop [MMMs # 70-72]
  • ISDC '94 Toronto - Space Tourism Workshop [MMMs # 78-80]
  • First Contact '94 - Seabed Analogs for Space Habitats [MMM #]
  • First Contact '95 - Commercial Moonbase [MMM # 91]
  • First Contact '96 - Lavatube Use Workshop
  • Duckon '97, Chicago - Europa Workshop I
  • First Contact '97 - Europa Workshop II [MMM # 110]
  • ISDC '98 Milwaukee - Europa Workshop III
  • Moon Society Organizing Conf. '00 - Lunar Building Materials


Mission Control Workshops at ISDC '98 in Milwaukee

  • Europa Workshop III
  • A "Solar System Economic Geography Textbook Binder"
  • Founding "U-LuCy", the University of Luna in Cyberspace


  • These workshops work great for groups of 5-20 people
  • Depending on the number of participants, after an introduction to the overall topic and challenge for the workshop, we break up into 2 or 3 working groups. each with their own subtopic.
  • After a couple of ours of group brainstorming (a leader at each round table keeps notes, as well as gathers contact information), we meet as a whole, and the leader from each group tells all the inevitably surprising and exciting results each group has come up with. Participants are amazed and delighted.
  • After the leaders submit their reports, a write-up of the workshop is published in Moon Miners' Manifesto and circulated to each of the participants.



Peter Kokh