LRS supports the National Space Society's Annual Conference,
ISDC - the "International Space Development Conference"

LRS has had a presence at every International Space Development Conference since our founding. For many of these events we have contributed speakers, workshops, and displays, and served as perennial instigator of new efforts and projects.
  • ISDC '87 Pittsburgh
  • ISDC '88 Denver (helped launch Lunar Prospector as a real project)
  • ISDC '89 Chicago (our "Prinzton" entry won 2nd prize in NSS Design Competition; organized the "Chapters to Chapters" display room)
  • ISDC '90 Anaheim
  • ISDC '91 San Antonio (our "Lunar Hostels" paper in the Proceedings)
  • ISDC '92 Washington DC
  • ISDC '93 Huntsville ("Asteroid Base Workshop"; LRS decision to bid on ISDC '97)
  • ISDC '94 Toronto ("Tourism in Space Workshop; we lose ISDC '97 slot to Orlando by one vote)
  • ISDC '95 Cleveland (We win ISDC '98 bid unanimously)
  • ISDC '96 New York City
  • ISDC '97 Orlando
  • ISDC '98 Milwaukee -We put on our own successful "Big Gig"
  • ISDC '99 Houston. Peter Kokh moderated a panel on Lunar Lavatubes with Oregon L5's Bryce Walden and Cheryl York
  • ISDC 2000 Tucson. Peter gave a well-attended talk on "Reinventing Space Settlements"
  • ISDC 2001 Albuquerque - Joe Mackowski and Matt Giovanelli (Wisc. Mars Society) attended
  • ISDC 2002 Denver
  • ISDC 2003 San Jose
  • ISDC 2004 Oklahoma City

Upcoming ISDC's

LRS supported the Midwest Space Development Conference & the MSDC Corporation

At MSDC '94, we introduced "Moon Garden #1", the first painting ever attempted exclusively with simulated lunar materials.

MSDC, after a failed attempt to come back from a hiatus for their 13th conference, has disolved itself. It is history, but history to be proud of.


LRS supports the Space Frontier Conference held every fall in Los Angeles, California.


Peter Kokh